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Mr. Luke Henderson, Latin teacher

MAT Latin and Classical Humanities '99
BA Classical Studies and Music '97
*summa cum laude
*Phi Beta Kappa


Emperor Henderson with "I" House Principal Eva Mayoral.

About Mr. Henderson

Disappointed that my high school had cancelled its Latin program, I began taking Latin as a Freshman in college. I enjoyed learning the language so much that I decided to major in Classics, taking Ancient Greek, mythology, and Ancient History and Literature along the way. When I recieved my degree from the University of Idaho, I decided to do what I could to ensure that other high-school students could enjoy Latin and the Classics which I had been denied until college. Therefore, I pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching Latin and Classical Humanities at the University of Massachusetts. After teaching four years at Holyoke High School in Holyoke, Massachusetts, I am delighted to be back on the West coast at a truly remarkable institution!

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